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How a photograph can be enough get you an accurate quote on any item.

After years of being at the forefront of technical innovation to provide our customers with the finest leather care for their garments we have discovered something unique for those items too delicate or too precious to be cleaned by machine...our bare hands! Our skills have been developed over almost 40 years of specializing in the cleaning and dying of leather, suede and other luxurious materials. We are delighted to be able to clean purses and footwear to the very highest standard without risk of damage. This same hand process may be used to restore the beauty of the most delicate and unique leather garments

A service as unique as ours receives fashion pieces from across the country. We understand our client's love affair with their precious items and we understand how hard it may be for you to part with your garments or purses and shoes.... even if it does mean they will be returned to you in fabulous condition.

We want to make the whole process of saving your cherished piece as easy and stress free as possible...may we suggest you have it examined by e-mail first?

Quickly and efficiently we will evaluate your item, assess any problems in restoring it to as new and give you a firm quote, all before you need part with it.

When you do decide to ship to us be assured that we will perform our task as quickly as possible and return your item back to your waiting arms in less time than you could imagine. Most items cleaned and dyed using our exclusive hand processes are shipped within just one week of their arrival at our facility.

Simply provide us with a few photographs attached to an e-mail, show us all views of the piece you wish to have restored, if there is any staining in particular or damage you want repaired, just photograph it and send it with your message.